The December 1981 windstorm was a severe storm that particularly affected southern England, Wales and south west France during December 13, 1981. In England, the storm started with violent winds and snow, which reached Cornwall during the morning. Prior its arrival a number of record low temperatures were reached for December, with -25.2C at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire, -5.5C in Southampton, while in Wales a record of -22.7C was recorded at Corwen in Denbighshire.

In the evening high tides combined with a storm surge resulted in the highest water levels recorded in the Bristol Channel since the start of the 20th century, causing extensive flooding and damage estimated at £6 million along the Somerset coast. Water from melting snow, caused by milder weather accompanying the depression, added to the flooding.

In France, the storm caused widespread flooding in the south west, causing considerable damage in the river basins of the Garonne and Adour and flooding the city of Bordeaux.