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2012 European windstorm season
First storm formed January 3
Last storm dissipated Season currently active
Strongest storm Andrea – 980mb
Windstorms 1
Major windstorms
(Cat 3+)
Total fatalities Unknown
Total damage Unknown (2012 GBP)
Windstorm seasons
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

The 2012 European windstorm season is an current event in the formation of European windstorms. The season began on January 1 and will end on December 31, 2012.

Storm namesEdit

Storms are officially named by the Free University of Berlin, and the names are donated by the public. There are six lists of names, however, as of December 26, not all lists are complete, so only list one is shown. This year, female names are used.

  • Andrea (active)
  • Bibiana (unused)
  • Celine (unused)
  • Dota (unused)
  • Elfreide (unused)
  • Fabienne (unused)
  • Gisela (unused)
  • Helga (unused)
  • Ines (unused)
  • Julia (unused)
  • Katarzyna (unused)
  • Lucina (unused)
  • Minnie (unused)
  • Nicole (unused)
  • Olivia (unused)
  • Patricia (unused)
  • Quiana (unused)
  • Rebekka (unused)
  • Stella (unused)
  • Tanja (unused)
  • Ursel (unused)
  • Valenta (unused)
  • Wally (unused)
  • Xenia (unused)

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