Windstorm name Dates Countries affected Deaths (injuries) Source
Andrea January 3–9 Iceland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark 1 [1]
Bibiana January 4–14 Bermuda, Newfoundland, Iceland, Greenland, United Kingdom, Norway 0
Celine January 7–11 Greenland, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Germany 0
Dota January 9–12 Iceland, Norway 0
Elfriede January 10–17 Iceland, Faroe Islands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden 0
Fabienne January 16–22 Iceland, Faroe Islands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden 0
Gisela January
  1. Stormwaarschuwing verlaagd naar code geel

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