This is a general overview of the policies and guidelines related to user conduct on europeanwindstorm.wikia. All new users (and old users) should become familiar with them in order to ensure a friendly working environment. These policies and guidelines apply to the entire project, not just talk pages and pages in the Forum namespace. Many of them are similar to policies and guidelines on Wikipedia.


Always be civil

This goes hand in hand with assuming good faith: do not attempt to intimidate other editors, such as by using excessive bold text and italics. Do not make accusations against other editors, blindly revert or remove their edits, belittle them, or make rude edits in general.

Be aware that edits may be removed from talk pages or forum pages from time to time; archiving should not be considered incivility.

Assume good faith

Assume that other editors are working to help the project, not hurt it. Only if an editor is deliberately making unhelpful edits should one not assume good faith. Don't revert an edit solely because you don't agree with it; if you feel you must, revert it and discuss it on the talk page, leaving a note in the edit summary.

No personal attacks

Do not make personal attacks against anyone, whether they are users, forecasters, or agencies. This includes threats (both legal and personal), racial slurs, and excessive profanity.


Do not use inappropriate usernames, or you may be blocked and asked to choose a new one. Inappropriate usernames include those similar to other users or are disruptive, misleading, promotional, offensive, or nonsensical.


Avoid excessive signatures

Try not to have signatures that are too long or link to a large number of pages. Excessively long signatures make it difficult for others to read discussions while they are posting, and is generally inconvenient.

Avoid off-topic posting in forums

Each section within a forum should be about its given topic - edits unrelated to that topic should go in a different or new section.

Sign your posts on talk and forum pages

If you are posting on a page in the Talk or Forum namespace, be sure to sign all posts with four tildes (~~~~). This does not apply to articles, which should not contain signatures of any kind. This allows other editors to identify the author of a particular comment and address it, and promotes civility and, to a lesser extent, organization in discussions.

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