Two previously unnoticed tropical (or subtropical) cyclones have been found during the 2003 windstorm re-analysis. The first storm, named Xander by FU-Berlin, had a central pressure of 1005 mb and winds of 45 mph. It formed on November 27, 2003 and became tropical on November 29 and December 1. It eventually dissipated on December 2. Xander was in the Mediterranean Sea for the whole of its existance.

Another storm, just days after Xander, formed in the Bay of Biscay on December 1. It moved towards England, but turned back south and became a tropical cyclone. The FU-Berlin named the storm Zam. Zam was a tropical cyclone for a reletively short period. This cyclone was also rare because it formed in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean in December.

The re-analysis will continue on November 28, 2011.

UPDATE -- We have discovered this Windstorm Nils from October 2011 was a subtropical cyclone for a short period on October 28. Nils was a Category 3 windstorm which hit Spain and Portugal at peak intensity. It became subtropical in the western Mediterranean.

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